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Зерносушильные комплексы на биомассе

        Drying complexes for a grain on biomass DС-16

        It is intended for drying preliminary cleared grain, a seed or fodder grain, seeds of grain, leguminous and olive cultures with initial humidity up to 35 % the atmospheric air which is heated up generators of heat GHS-500 at burning of a biomass.

Characteristics DС-16

Productivity at decrease{reduction} in humidity of a grain wheat on 4 - 5 %, t/hour.                             16,0 

The thermal power generators of heat, max., kwt                                                                                       500 +500 = 1000

Working temperature of air on an output{exit} from generators of heat, оС                                            up to 75

Kind of fuel                                                                                                                       The straw pressed in bales or rolls,

                                                                                                                                        wood,  pellets, a peel, sawdust, other

The charge of fuel at humidity no more than 17 %, kg / hour.                                                          440 - 480

The total established capacity of an electric equipment, kw                                                                      60,0

Overall dimensions, m:                                                                                                                              16 х11 х16


Heating of atmospheric air by products of heating combustion is occurs in tubular heat exchanger. Established in the top part generators of heat.

The automatic temperature control in dryer for a grain hot air in the set limits with maximum deviation ±3ºС is stipulated.

Structure and work dryingcomplex for a grain  DC-16 (see fig.):

Consists of one grain dryer DG - 16000 (poses. 1), of two generators of heat GHS - 500 (poses. 2), of two  bucket elevators(poses. 3), air lines (poses 4 and 5), overpass (poses. 6), ladders and protections (poses. 7), platforms (poses. 8) for service of a grain dryer and bucket elevators; flues  (poses. 9) for removal of smoke gases from generator of heatin the pipe smoke and an electric equipment in structure from 3 control panels.

Dryer for a grain DG - 16000.

Dryer for a grain  (poses. 1), will consist of the basis with the graduation mechanism under which the bunker is located, a grain from which moves in bucket elevators(poses. 3).

Dryer for a grain has the bunker through which loading of a grain is made. Inside housing mine dryer are bringing and allocating boxes, located in chessboard order.

The vertical shaft has a zone of heating and a zone of partial cooling grain.

Hot air, passing through a layer of a grain, heats up a grain and carries away an evaporated moisture through allocating boxesin an atmosphere.

In the bottom zone of cooling of a dryer the grain is cooled by cold air which forced by the separate fan.

Dryers for a grainit is equipped with gauges of the control of temperature of the drying agent inside a dryer and the gauge of a level of a grain inthe upper the bunker.

Dryer for a grain it is equipped with an independent control panel.


  Generators of heatGHS - 500.

Generator of heatGHS - 500it is intended for reception of thermal energy as heated up atmospheric air at burning straw of the rectangular in bales rectangular or round form.

Generator of heatGHS - 500 the generator consists of a from:

- Furnace in the form of the horizontal cylinder;

- Tubular heat exchanger, established above a furnace;

- The fan of submission of air in furnacefor maintenance of process of burning;

- The fan of submission of heated up air in dryer for a grain;

- A control panel. 

The case furnaceand heat exchanger are made of sheet steel and pipes.

Оutside generator of heatand faced with galvanized metal under which there is a thermal insulation material.

Loading of bales, depending on their sizes and weight, is carried out manually, or with the help of a loader with штыревымthe adaptation.

In the furnace fire wood, loose fuel (a peel of sunflower, sawdust or other biomass) also can be burnt.

Loading of loose fuel in the furnace  can be made both through doors, and through the special hatch which is taking place sideways of the case furnace .

Delete of ashes is made manually.

For safety generator of heatis equipped with the valve.

Generators of heatseries GHS can be equipped as new dryers of various type for drying a grain and groats, and reconstructed dryers for a grain domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Bucket elevators (poses. 3).

Bucket elevator (noria) it is intended for loading and a unloading of a grain from a dryer, and also for recycling of grain during drying.

Into the complete set of delivery do not enter: the reception bunker (a charging hole), a pipe to smoke.



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